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TTRC Workshop Experience - Madonna University November 5, 2019

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The Trumping the Race Card Workshop Experience is designed for participants to courageously explore and discuss what often goes ignored until something significant occurs on campus that cannot and should not go unnoticed.

Rodney Patterson is the author of the book Trumping the Race Card: A National Agenda - Moving Beyond Race and Racism. He is a master facilitator with more than 30-years of experience guiding participants through historically sound and often profound conversations on race, racism, oppression, and privilege. Rodney challenges participants to examine their role in perpetuating racism absent blame, shame, or guilt, so all audience members feel valued and free to engage with honesty, curiosity, and authenticity.

Key workshop components include: envisioning the ideal state; consider the socialization process; examine origins of race and social construction of racism; explore solution-based strategies to transform individuals, universities and respective institutions.

Participants gain an enhanced understanding of: Interpersonal and institutional racism, oppression and  privilege; impact of racism on campus and community; how attitudes towards racial and ethnic differences affect behavior; behavior modification to work effectively in diverse groups; ways to have challenging yet meaningful conversations about racism; how to be a pivoter; methods to transform policies, practices, procedures, and principles to support sustainable systemic change.


Madonna University

36600  Schoolcraft Rd.

Livonia, MI 48150 | Admin Bldg Rm 2100

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